1. Evaluate the risks for your business, make an analysis for a low risk, mid risk and high-risk situation and make a plan for every case scenario.
  2. Readjust your business plan and provide an alternate way of doing things and providing your services or products that may not involve any physical contact. 
  3. This is the time to think about how the service that you provide can generate online revenue such as sales, webinars or delivery service.
  4. Maintain communication channels wide and check frequency. Use social tools such as E-blasts, WhatsApp, and more to communicate with your clients. 
  5. Align your social media strategies and post contextually relevant content.
  6. If your business is retail-based, implement an online sales system to continue sales online.
  7.  If you own a restaurant or food-based business, promote delivery or to-go options for your clients. 
  8. The Federal Government is authorizing funds and loans at low-interest rates (almost 0%) Don’t wait until you need the funds to apply, think strategically and respond accordingly. 
  9. This is the moment to pay special attention to existing clients. Think about their needs and take extra care of them. 
  10.  Last but not least: This will pass. We’re standing in front of a temporary health crisis. If your business keeps this present, it'll be top of mind for clients.

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