Now more than ever we need to create short and long term plans for our business and personal lives as well. Everything is changing rapidly and every day our plans need to be revised and readjusted. Here are a couple of quick tips we use at our office to establish the strategy and start planning accordingly:

  1. Create short and long term goals

It’s important to project your goals no matter how unstable the landscape looks. Write down your short term and long term goals, even though they can change at a volatile pace.

  1. Create personal goals

It’s time to think about your personal goals and align them with your professional goals inside your company. Make sure you understand what it takes to fulfil them and make plans! In order to make these plans, it’s important to make a proper risk assessment for one month, three months and up to a year and align the goals according to plan. Don’t be afraid to be ambitious! It will help you achieve those goals, as long as you keep yourself grounded.

  1. Create business goals

Your business goals will help you take your business where it needs to go. Sit down and start with at least 2-3 business goals and jot down the next steps to work towards them.  At the moment, there is a lot of resourceful information out there you can benefit from: it’s time to define those new business goals and adapt them to your situation. There are new opportunity areas you can explore during this time that you may have not considered before.

Align your personal and business goals! Take advantage of your free time and learn new skills that can empower and help you move forward as a professional. It’s also a plus when getting hired or staying competitive as a business owner.

  1. Create a vision statement of how you will like to come out from this situation

Our vision may be distorted or blurred while going through difficult times or crises, such as the world pandemic we’re experiencing. It’s important to clear our minds and build a vision statement to guide us and our businesses outcome. Don’t be afraid to set the bar high. Your standards will keep heightening as you learn and grow.

  1. The person who plans now will be ahead when everything starts to calm down since you will already have what's next

Staying ahead involves planning, assessing, and moving towards those goals for ourselves and our business. If you follow through, once the storm is weathered, you will stay on top.  

  1. Iteration is key in these situations. There is no perfect plan! Revise on a daily basis and make changes

Making changes to our daily plans requires constant evaluation and assessment to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Revise your plan with your team on a daily basis. While some crisis development is unpredictable, you can steer clear and prevent being caught off guard if you draw possible scenarios frequently and adjust accordingly. Keep this to your heart.

  1. Plan out encounters with family and friends. Plan your meetups and have dates with everyone, be creative and make them fun

Navigating this new reality can take a toll on you as a business owner and person. Take time to check on yourself, your team, and your loved ones and provide them with moral and emotional support. Plan leisure time as vigorously as you would plan business meetings! Make time for fun, creative, and inspiring times.

At Muuaaa we’re  offering strategy sessions and building insightful business that can help entrepreneurs think about things they can do, and most importantly, identify those opportunity areas that can help your business pivot. Analysis paralysis is your worst enemy at this moment! It will keep you from developing plans and take your business where it needs to go.  Keep moving, and your business will do the same.

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