The COVID-19 global pandemic has shifted our realities and as business owners and content creators, or strategists, we may find ourselves wondering if we should continue posting on social media.

Today we share insight on how to proceed with your communication efforts on social media:

  1. Evaluate your brand’s message on social media

What are you communicating? Is it essential to communicate it now? Communicating as a brand acquires new meaning now; be sensitive, be empathic, and readjust your message to align with the times.

  1. Communicate changes and engage with your community

Take into consideration that your product or service can continue being provided if you do it responsibly and find innovative ways to help bring it to your customers. This also means your content can come off as tone deaf… If your business has readjusted, communicate useful information frequently and engage by answering FAQs among your customers and community.

  1. Listen to your community

Brands are asking directly what content their audience would like to see from them. This exercise will help you listen closely to what your community expects from you and reduces any risk of coming off as insensitive. After all, your community and supporters will stay with you if your content responds to their needs and wants.

  1. Business as (un)usual is valid

Once you’ve taken into consideration your message, and you’ve scanned how your content can affect others, you can start thinking of how your product or service can be offered differently and responsibly using special discounts, offers, and sales. Encourage your community to stay connected with your brand and make your product accessible! Create giveaways for engaging content, create special packages for your popular products at discounted prices, and send your loyal customers special offers through email.

Start building stronger relationships with your customers through tailored content.

  1. Start sharing educational content

Your business can also help other businesses with your expertise and experience. Connect with local entrepreneurs who are going through the same, and join forces to support a small business community at risk. Share content that is helpful, educational, and that offers a look inside your business experience right now.

Being a small business owner can be extra difficult during this time, especially when your business may be at risk. Luckily, a lot of our efforts can be harnessed online, where our brands and community navigate this new reality. Your content must always keep in mind things are changing and iteration is always key.

Listen, be mindful, and get creative! Staying top of mind can be achieved by maintaining a healthy engagement and innovating to bring your product forward during these times. We still need to laugh, buy essential products, and consume content.

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