Whether you’re an up and coming business owner, or an established business the COVID-19 global pandemic may have you thinking: what now? We’ve rounded up a step-by-step guide to adapt your business and move forward using digital marketing:


Make a general assessment of your business. What products and services can you provide remotely? Think about the ones you don’t include in that list, and get creative. It’s time to think about innovative ways to keep your business running to the highest operational level, especially during a global pandemic.

Step 2: GO ONLINE!

After a general assessment, research the best tools to provide your products and services and build your plan. Online and ecommerce tools will become your best friends. Take time to deep dive into user experience, and to improve your social media skills and management in order to maximize and compliment your efforts.

Once you’re determined to take your business online, you can find an array of tools that will help you succeed at selling your products or services.  Some examples for categories to look at are:

  1. Ecommerce as you may know, is the process of selling products electronically. Benefit from selling your product online with a platform to build your online storefront. Some examples of the top ecommerce tools are:

- Shopify

-  Wix

-  BigCommerce

-  Squarespace

Set up shop online and start moving your products and services online fast with the help of any of these tools.

  1. Email Marketing is the use of emails to promote those products and services. Although Mailchimp is the top provider for online mail based marketing, you can check out other options such as:

- Constant Contact

- SendinBlue

- Drip

Through email marketing, you can build stronger relationships with your customers by providing exclusive content, communicating constantly and updating them about new product launches, restocks, and more!

  1. Social Media is all the places you can be at once, so be everywhere! As you understand where your audience is and engages more on, stay present and make it your brand’s playground. If you’re not already, you can start here:

- Facebook

- Instagram

- LinkedIn

- Twitter

Also, don’t be afraid to explore trends like TikTok and other popular platforms. Keep your eyes peeled for up and coming trends so once things start to get traction, you can jump in and dominate!


Determine your online presence and select the platforms where your business will communicate best. Don’t be afraid to explore what your audience responds and engages more with.

  • Design content for social media
  • Promote your pages
  • If you can’t afford to invest in promoted content on social media, or a marketer’s help, writing blog posts and other informational content will help amplify your presence on different platforms: position yourself as the voice for your product or service
  • Social media is ever changing. Learn new skills, stay up to speed with trends and do your research!


Generating mailing lists for e-blasts is also a key opportunity to increase sales and engagement with your customers! Here are some ways to round up your strategy using email marketing:

  • Build landing pages for your clients to subscribe to newsletters and receive updates
  • Send out discount codes periodically!
  • Prepare to sell online and communicate directly through email
  • If you’re not currently selling your products, build a pre-order list and obtain insight on your most popular products

These simultaneous efforts will help you grow your business as they provide insight on what works best for your and your business.


Communicating with your audience frequently can help you stay relevant online. Make sure to automate your content by scheduling and monitoring performance. This insight will help you understand your community and identify how your service or product can improve. Automation will also save you time and make it easier for you to maintain a rhythm that can be readjusted any time. Email newsletters are a great way to automate messages and communicate with your customers by providing exclusive content and strengthening those bonds.


This may seem like a no-brainer, but a lot of  business owners don’t understand how investing in digital can help their business thrive. Start by assigning a budget only for online monitoring tools, scheduling, and promoted content.

You can start low and increase your investment as you go. A healthy suggested investment budget would be $500 monthly by integrating the efforts below. Testing what works is extremely crucial, and you will gain insight by A/B testing your budget as well.  Your key points should be:

  • Social media
  • Digital ads
  • Search Engine Advertising and Optimization
  • Digital banners on webpages

At Muuaaa we’re determined to help your business grow and succeed through strategic planning and digital marketing efforts. Contact us at info@muuaaa.com to learn more about the right tools for your business.

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