Email Marketing is one of the most powerful tools your business can use to connect with your customers and audience, as well as an easy way to strengthen your bonds with them. You may be wondering if you’ve underestimated it! Well, if you’re not communicating through email yet, here’s how to jump in:

Start gathering those emails!

The first step is getting your audience to be in all your channels at once. Round up emails by creating a hosted landing page and use your social media channels to promote it.

Update your audience with newsletters

After you’ve properly welcomed your audience into your mailing list, keeping them updated with newsletters is a great way to connect with them and communicate important information regarding your brand. It’s the perfect way to announce sales, special offers, product or service launches, and more!

Rewards and more rewards!

We’ve all been subscribed to annoying mailing lists with no interesting content or high frequency emails. Make your audience feel great about subscribing to your mailing list, and prevent them from regretting it! Provide special benefits and rewards every once in a while to your audience, such as discounts, limited edition items, and event invitations.

Remind them to take action

Emails are a great way to make effective calls to action. Sending them once there’s an abandoned cart, for example, reminds customers to make their purchase or think about completing it. Make it happen with automated emails, which can also be used to promote sales and special events.

Make it personal.

Branded emails are known for all the aforementioned… this is where your brand steps further: with personalization. Give your users and audience recognition! Mark special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, to send tailored content to your audience. Show them you care! With content made specific for them.

(TIP: Gather as much information about your audience using landing pages the moment they subscribe to your newsletter, so you already have this info on hand)

Integrate your efforts and unify through email marketing

Create meaningful content aligned with your social media strategy and more to unify your efforts and communicate your objectives effectively. You can design campaigns, write blog posts, and generate content aimed at the same objectives and audience. Your emails will then connect and resonate with your audience as part of a greater effort, and not only simple announcements or single-use emails.

Engaging with your audience through email is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy for your business and brand. It can amplify brand recognition, and build strong relationships with your customers. It also enables your network to grow beyond social media.  

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