Is artificial intelligence replacing designers? As AI reaches new heights, the level of adaptability heightens as well. We spoke with Miguel Miranda Montes, our Founder & Chief Design Officer at Muuaaa, about his take on Artificial Intelligence & machine learning. Here is a glimpse of what we discussed and what we should expect in the next few months in terms of branding and design coming out of Muuaaa. 

The last few years have been an experimental pathway towards new applications for artificial intelligence and machine learning in every form. The big idea is ultimately optimizing processes and leaning towards an enhanced human experience. So, how is artificial intelligence taking us there? As we enter a change in paradigm, we’re touching base with design. 

Artificial Intelligence is growing as a topic and constantly we see how it is impacting so many different professions including design. From helping designers be smarter and more informed, to generating new brands and visual identities by understanding data and processes differently.

Design as we know it, often ends up being a static outcome. With AI, we can start to dream or speculate on the possibility of something that transforms and changes constantly while it gets user feedback.

Artificial Intelligence in design

AIGA Eye on Design released an article on the role of A.I in design, in which Muuaaa was featured among other talented designers around the world to speak on the subject. In the article it becomes clear that A.I as a relatively new phenomenon brings what the writer calls “an avalanche” that promises the mechanization of tasks and informed cognitive decisions, for which of course designers are still very much needed.   

As we advance and implement new uses for information technologies, we also encounter debate circling Artificial Intelligence and its use within certain disciplines, and design is not excluded. Is Artificial Intelligence replacing designers? 

For Miguel Miranda, what needs to happen is that as designers we will learn how to turn that into a tool and use it to design. In order to do that, we have to be prepared at a not only in skill but also in the theory level and be capable of understanding it and applying it. We need to be able to have at the very least, a basis of knowledge in programming concepts and theory in order to stay below the surface, and also develop as designers and brand creators. 

When reflecting upon the ethical and controversial aspects of AI in design, we can also take a look at how to reverse the narrative and make it work for us, after all, we’re responsible for technology and its advancement. The obsolescence or not of designers around the world depends on their ability to adapt, learn, and evolve with the tools.

Artificial Intelligence in branding: Why it matters. 

Branding is your business's backbone. Why should you look into AI as a way to take your branding to the next level? The way we see it at Muuaaa, AI allows us to develop dynamic brands, specifically, user-based brands. These brands are not only designed with the user in mind, but the user will have inherence over the brand.

Brands will change and be constantly molded by the user in a way that different versions of the brand are made possible and continue to push boundaries, as Miguel explains, “Imagining a brand that has the capacity to already be able to have that input not only from the client but from the user, is possible and necessary through Artificial Intelligence. Each brand can be made in a completely unique and custom process, and adds a dynamic element that will push forward the boundaries for user experience as well.” 

At Muuaaa, we’re using A.I in design to create dynamic and innovative brands. Two years ago, at the London Design Biennale 2018 we presented “Soft Identity Makers”, a take on political issues rooted in the meaning of national identities through an algorithm that created over 500 national identities daily during the Biennale. Today, we keep working towards innovation in processes as we advance on our latest project: packaging design for a cannabis company, and using AI we will create a unique outcome. 

Elevating your brand through A.I can help reach milestones that were only dreamed of before. Prioritizing innovation in branding is a step forward.

Is your brand ready to take off? The future of branding is here. Let’s innovate together.

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