The cannabis branding industry has taken the world by storm. You may have come across a dispensary or two, or heard about the benefits of medical cannabis. There’s one key aspect into the industry that is often bypassed: branding.

As cannabis branding experts, we have designed over 7 cannabis brands in the past year and with each one, comes a new challenge to make a distinct and #fresh approach to avoid the typical flower centric branding.

Dispensary brands

Dispensary brands are focused on user experience, and the type of interaction with the brand is taken into account.

Bwell, a holistic spa brand, is a great example of a brand that becomes a lifestyle, being one of Puerto Rico’s first and top dispensaries and brands. For BWell, we created a bold brand that interacts with their users while combining strategies to maximize brand recognition and position themselves as leaders in the industry here in PR.

Some cannabis brands we’ve designed have taken a cozy, accessible approach into the path to wellness, such as Green Mile, a local dispensary focused on wellness as an achievable destination.

Brands like UpLeaf and Cannateca have a bolder and recreational approach into the experience, bringing a new take on your typical cannabis branding and dispensaries. Upleaf is described as a superstore brand with a mainstream approach to achieve an experience as normal as visiting your favorite movie rental place on a friday night.

Other brands can opt for a more luxurious approach with their branding, rendering the dispensary experience an exclusive and more discreet brand.

Packaging design

Packaging design for cannabis brands is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to branding. Memorable packaging is a branding effort in itself! At Muuaaa we’ve designed packaging for brands like Kuni, Ñaki, and GuaoWao, a CBD brand for pets and humans.

We've also designed scientific brands that require a serious aproach such as Cannalytics, a cannabis laboratory.

When it comes to cannabis branding, here are five tips into creating memorable cannabis brands your users will love:

  1. It’s all about the experience

There’s a lot of stigma attached to medical cannabis and cannabis in general. Users and patients want to visit a dispensary that not only provides them with quality products to treat their conditions, but they’re also seeking an experience.

  1. Avoid flower centric design

The lowest hanging fruit. Great cannabis branding can include flower buds, but does not necessarily base their whole identities in that one cliched element. As designers it poses a challenge, but the results are proof that destigmatizing medical cannabis begins by normalizing its use and providing user experiences that become a lifestyle subtly.

  1. The brand becomes the lifestyle, and not the other way around

When creating cannabis brands it’s important to take into account the values of the brand and how it can catapult into becoming a lifestyle brand with the right branding and marketing strategies.

  1. Why packaging matters

Innovation in packaging is not often seen in the cannabis industry due to regulations, but in this day and age, it’s important to take into consideration carbon footprint in an industry where plastic is still king. Eco-friendly packaging is an option that dispensaries can use to showcase their branding and stand out while helping the environment.

Some packaging trends at the moment are glass containers for flowers, reusable edible packages, branded paper bags and more.

  1. Brand growth

Branding efforts need to be harnessed alongside effective marketing strategies to achieve success and brand awareness. Partnering with influencers, becoming mentors in the industry by educating the public and destigmatizing cannabis, learning how to advertise online without being censored, are some of the main objectives your brand should have after a memorable visual identity and branding.

With the cannabis industry growth and further expansion ahead, we know one thing: branding is the most important aspect to achieve success.

As a multidisciplinary design agency, our experience in design and marketing can elevate your brand. Contact us at for that project that’s been on your mind.

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