Children’s book Los Caballitos de Mar se mudan de coral by Sandra Rivera, designed by Muuaaa, won platinum in the Illustration category for the 4th edition of the Latin American Design Awards.

“The LAD prize is another important milestone for us at Muuaaa, since we’re part of and are constantly inspired by an enormous Latinamerican creative community. Being part of this group is an honor for us.” - Miguel Miranda Montes (Founder and Chief Design Officer at Muuaaa)  

The book design captures the essence of not only a great story, but also how we work alongside our clients. At Muuaaa, one of our key values is taking our client’s idea and helping elevate it. We take great pride in becoming creative partners of each of our clients, so that we can help them achieve their projects, and also bring forward an idea that was initially unimaginable and make it happen together.

“In terms of design, we used illustrations where materiality played a key role. Through that materiality, we were able to add texture and provide an educational component in environmental conservation for children. We wanted to convey to children who read the book that reusing and recycling can also be a creative act.  In Caballitos de Mar we used different materials to represent the illustrations and add depth to the story while we educate young readers, making the learning process a fun one.” - Miguel Miranda Montes (Founder and Chief Design Officer at Muuaaa)

We were honored to be among wonderfully talented Latin American artists, designers and creatives, and we’re incredibly humbled to share this prize with you: our clients, fans, supporters and friends, for being a huge part of why we do what we do. Congratulations to author Sandra Rivera for trusting us with her vision and story for children everywhere to enjoy and learn from, and the creative team in charge led by Chief Design Officer Miguel Miranda-Montes and designer César Del Valle for their amazing work!

Los Caballitos de Mar se mudan de coral by Puertorican author Sandra Rivera is a completely illustrated book for children 2-8yrs+ and is available in english and spanish on Amazon. You can get it by clicking here for Amazon.

Make sure to visit our projects page to learn more about our work in Los Caballitos de Mar se mudan de coral.