We’re thrilled to share three projects for Miami based clients to showcase design that travels and an exclusive look at the process for creating international brands.

We’ve been lucky enough to be able to take our design to different parts of the world, and we’ll be sharing three case studies for them. As a design and marketing agency, we’re determined to create brands that people love and make part of their lifestyle, but how do we do it? Getting the job done includes more than just a visually appealing brand identity.

International brands require extensive amounts of research and concept development to help embody the client’s vision and materialize the emotions it wants to convey to their users, customers, and everyone who comes across it.

Artsy Hive, one of our Miami-based brands is an example of how the combination of all those things inside the process are able to create a harmonious brand true to its promise and vision.

The brand is a paint your own pottery brand, where you can visit and paint in-studio, or buy pottery kits made available recently for painting at home during quarantine. With a custom made working bee encapsulated by a beehive outline, the brand’s logo reinforces the DIY values of the brand.

Working with Food and Beverage brands also poses the same challenge: reflecting the mission, cultural value intake, and making the result worth making part of our lifestyle. Our latest Miami projects El Antojo, and 100x35 take us into the intricate thought and design process for both brands based on Puerto Rican culture cuisine in very distinct ways.

100x35, is a criollo cuisine restaurant in Miami, FL that brings the essence of our cocina criolla as we know it in Puerto Rico. We took 100x35 and reinforced the meaning it has for all Puerto Ricans in the diaspora and living in the island: no matter the accuracy of the measurements, it will always mean home for each of us.

Most of our research for 100x35 was made using art history as an anchor to help translate what it means to be Puerto Rican and experience it in the diaspora. We used local refranes or sayings to accentuate the longing for the island we call home and how being Puerto Rican means wearing our flag on our sleeve, like our heart.  

The same process aligns with El Antojo, a comfort food truck that brings savory Puerto Rican fusion to the heart of Miami.

For El Antojo, our design team wanted to evoke the fun and friendly nature us Puerto Ricans are known for, while bringing something new to the table and pushing boundaries. The brand features a 3D development that allows for different figures to pop out of the truck’s design when 3D glasses are worn. This effect makes the food truck stand out among a sea of its kind and leave a lasting impression.

What does a #FreshBrand mean for us at Muuaaa?

Our dynamic design process starts with intricate research and market analysis for creating a truly memorable brand. With our contemporary design flair, we enable brands to create new perspectives and meaning, providing a comprehensive approach to the latinx market.

The team evaluates the client’s brief for their #freshbrand starting at the brand’s name, background history, client intentions and industry. Color theory, historical references, and other details are put into the brand development with the utmost care and attention to provide the brand with depth and dimension. Great brands are born from a variety of sources, but for us, it’s all about user experience and input to build something amazing.

As a multidisciplinary design agency, our experience in design and marketing can elevate your brand.

At Muuaaa we’re in love with the process, and delivering the freshest brands so they can travel anywhere and be seen. Our design team takes pride in creating user experiences only achievable through branding.

Stay tuned for more case studies and project updates! Contact us at info@muuaaa.com for that project that’s been on your mind.

We are #freshdesign