Have you ever bought something because of incredible and visually enticing packaging? We might be guilty of that too! Think of packaging as your brand’s presentation letter. It allows your products to live everywhere and gain recognition through branding efforts.

Now that we summed up why your packaging must be branded, let’s talk about what it’s saying about your brand! Here we compile some ways in which great packaging can take your business places (and some extra tips on how to identify it):

  1. The landscape is competitive out there!

Ensuring your branding efforts are geared towards your business objectives starts with repetition. In today’s landscape, remaining dynamic as a brand is key, and a solid branding can help you stay on top. With so many brands surfacing, great packaging is the eye candy that will make sure you’re still in the race.

  1. The famous term Unboxing is not only an experience, it’s a connection with your customers.

By this point, it’s safe to say we have heard the word ‘unboxing’ at least once recently, and if you are not familiar with receiving a package from one of your favorite brands and stores, it’s an exhilarating experience to say the least. This is where your brand’s packaging comes in: the first impression of your customers while they open up their pack of goods from your brand will either make or break a lifelong connection with them. From containers or boxes, tissue paper, personalized notes, and of course your logo, you can create meaningful experiences that result in brand loyalty.

Relevant Bae by Natalia Rivera x Muuaaa

  1. Let’s talk about desirability!

Great packaging design can manifest in our everyday lives in many ways. Some products we simply buy because we have been buying them for years, but great packaging is an opportunity to stand out and provide a refreshing new way to present your product. Communicating with consumers through packaging is the only thing standing in the way of your product and a successful customer experience! So we agree: A desirable product is triggered by the visuals.

Black Line Men Grooming System by Muuaaa Design

  1. #FreshDesign will definitely boost sales.

It’s always a good idea to reflect on your shopping habits to further understand how consumer behavior in relation to packaging design does impact sales.

Remember when we asked if you’ve ever bought something just because of the packaging design? Nowadays it’s harder to insert your brand in a highly competitive creative market, and using branding and packaging design is a great way to persuade customers of the value of your product.

So, how can you identify good labels in packaging? Let’s recap with our favorite exercise taking into consideration the packaging design hierarchy: A Label X Ray

Branding (or rebranding) is the single most important business investment you can do to ensure that your brand stays relevant, boosts sales, and provides its product and services in a desirable way for new customers, while harnessing loyalty in previous customers.  

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