Our new realities are changing, and with them come new ways of existing in the world and of course, consuming.

China reopened its retail sector recently and many stores are only selling 30% of its usual sales. So, how can business owners anticipate market trends, and redesign their retail experiences?

Here’s a summary of what’s on the retail horizon as we prepare for life after a pandemic:

  • Online tech is the first step.

If your business is not online yet, you may need to consider setting up shop and maximizing your online presence. Consumers with access are 1.32x most likely to rely on technology for ease and convenience. Key points to take into consideration given the sense of chaos that waiting in long lines will make you feel.

  • Retail experiences with AR/VR will merge with in-store experiences.

Brands will have to rethink their retail experience and make consumers choose them over the competition. If a contactless experience is now a priority for consumers, brands will need to find innovative ways of using technology to save time for consumers.

Nielsen reports that there’s a 76% potential in navigation apps, promotions, product search, and more.

Let’s talk about retail solutions:

While brands prepare for the next wave of technology for their businesses, we share where to start right now.

Curbside Pick-up

Government regulations in some countries are going to be relaxed. Proceed with caution! Businesses need to be responsible, efficient and provide safe access to their products and services now more than ever. Providing curbside pick-up is a simple way to ensure safety and alleviate waiting times for customers.

Click & Collect

Similar to curbside pick-up, click & collect allows product browsing from an e-commerce website or landing page with integrated direct ordering for delivery or pick-up in store. A necessary step into creating your omnichannel strategy.

Become a customer service star

Although social distancing is keeping us apart physically, adding the human factor into online interactions and services will help customers build strong bonds with your brand and rely on them. Offering virtual consultations, fashion styling, and concierge services is the right step into navigating your new strategies.

Omnichannel Strategy

Building an omnichannel strategy requires a combination of online presence, social media strategies, and more in order to enhance and improve user experience. Evaluate which aspects of your omnichannel are missing and include them.

And lastly: Prepare to redesign your store’s physical space

Everything from the display and station spacing, providing sanitizing stations, social distancing areas, and contactless transactions will help redefine your business after the pandemic.

We need a seamless integration between the digital and physical retail experience. New logics and user experience will need to be established to manage existing customers needs and create new ones through a new choreography.


How can I make the best to-go experience or pick-up experience?

Retail to-go! This will change a lot of the experience and many retail stores or locations will become a sort of fulfillment center. Asking yourself this question will make you think about the retail experience differently. People need social connections and interactions, but in the meantime, stores need to be ready for new behaviors.

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